The Konsorados


Donna Konsorado is a Canadian singer-songwriter/music promoter.
Her roots in Western Canada stretch from her current home on
Vancouver Island to the wide landscape of Saskatchewan.
Donna’s unique style of folk music reveals her prairie roots, and embraces
the sensibilities of the coastal landscape.
Her repertoire includes banjo and acoustic guitar based country and folk.
For many years Donna played with Roots/Blues artist Ken Hamm.
Donna will be instructing at the Big Swig Banjo workshop @ Village Music.


Bill Konsorado is a keyboard player and percussionist.
He received classical training on piano early in life but soon found improvised music a more natural form of expression.
Bill has been around pianos all his life and is a professional piano tuner/technician. During the 1980’s and 90’s he performed and recorded with Neo Tribal Vision, a world beat tropical party band on Vancouver Island.
With his wife Donna, in the Konsorados, he provides instrumental and rhythmic accompaniment to her original songs and adaptations of other songwriter’s material. He also performs his own instrumental compositions and unique arrangements of popular melodies. In addition to traditional piano and organ sounds on the keyboard, he uses a number of realistic guitar sounds that compliment the rootsy nature of Donna’s vocals. Bill is also pioneering a one man band technique, playing drum-kit simultaneously with the keyboard.
On some of Donna’s songs he also plays accordion or hand drum.

Danse Alena


All photos by Gillian Butler

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    Hiya m’dear!
    I need your mailing address in Lantzville, please!

    Shannon & Don

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