The Big Swig Tour

July 4th,

Home, yes we are ho-ho-home, home is where ever I’m with you ….

I was just reading an email sent from my friend Bianca re place where one keeps

returning time and time again. A place or places you feel good and alive.

It surprises me sometimes how excited I get about the prairies when I go back.

Roots do run deep.

The tour went well. We raised some money for Seva and the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Met some incredible people and reconnected with old friends. Covered our costs plus.

Was so sad to leave Alberta in the terrible flood condition.

The night of the big rain storm we were playing a concert at the United Church in Claresholm, Alberta.

Lighting was flashing through the stained glass windows as we played. It rained hard for hours.

A cool spring caused late mountain run off. Then the rain. The perfect combination for flooding.

What is it now, DAY 13 !!

Thursday June 9th we played a concert at the Red House in Forget.

Didn’t take long to fall of the blog wagon!

Banjo Camp was wonderful. Visiting our friends Forget Saskatchewan couldn’t have been better.

Now we’re in Val Marie, Saskatchewan on our way back to Southern Alberta.

Staying in a Convent that’s been converted into a B&B, pretty fantastic!


June 5th

Inspire Cafe

Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Wonderful place with the most amazing art.

The owner Maureen Newton and her sister gave us a very warm welcome.

Thank you to Ron Mason for setting this gig up for us.


June 4th

Hard to leave Creston. We spent a bit of time looking around town.

Stopped in to meet Paul at the Snoring Saskquatch, a great perfomance space we

hope to play one of these days

Memories of my time living in the Creston Valley with my young daughters keep flooding back.

Hit the road and headed for Coleman to visit more old friends.

The Crowsnest Pass

As a child we would travel through this area, our parents would tell us about the Frank Slide

while we stared at the huge piles of rock, imagining the small girl that was found standing alone

on one of them the morning after this disaster.

The friend we were going to see had everything to do with music in my life.

We started the band “The Trout Creek Pickers” together with his wife and my sister Sherry back

in the mid 1970’s. None of us could play very well but we got some gigs and off we went. At one

point both Tony’s wife Lesley and I were pregnant and we both played banjo!

We had a good laugh, thinking how ridiculous that must have looked. We played bars and private parties.

In the bars the cowboys would make snide remarks to Tony “You sure have been busy boy”!

I had to quite the band after Leah, my eldest daughter was born but the music never left me although I

did put it aside while raising my girls.

Wonderful old connections.

Tony Partridge is a artist, teacher and musician


June 3rd

Back in one of my favorite communities of all time, Creston, B.C.

We lived here back in the mid 80’s.There have been times when

I wish we would have stayed.

We’re snugged into the cozy Valley View Motel after sharing wine and good stories

with old friends who live up on Goat Mountain.


Merv & Rita with the incredible canoe Merv built

The drive was so incredible from Princeton to here. I was trying to remember

how many times I’ve been through those mountain passes and just ended up

thinking how luck we are to be able to do the drive and how every time it’s equally

as beautiful and always different.


Road to Idaho  

Your Probley in the junk yard now
Surrounded by all the other road stories
Yellow doors rusted off, your seats all torn
Springs poppin’ up
Slowly, slowly
You carried a piece of my heart
Down the winding road to Idaho

Didn’t cross the boarder
Did not cross that line
Now we have a clear conscience
Turned around just in time
Clear pass to heaven
There was no accident
cause there is a double solid line
On the winding road to Idaho

You were carring lumber
back and forth to the company store
Till you got weak and rusty
From the heat and the ice and the snow
slowly, slowly
everything fell apart
On the winding road to Idaho

Didn’t cross the boarder
Did not cross that line
Now we have a clear conscience
Turned around just in time
Clear pass to heaven
There was no accident
slow motion break down
Disappearing around the bend
On the winding road to Idaho

That’s how memories go, they fade and get weak and old
they end up in the junk yard surrounded by strories of the road….


Sunday June 2nd, 2013
Sandman Inn, Princeton

Just far enough from the coast to feel like we’re well on our way.
Never had such a hard time leaving our Island home.

Received a welcomed text from a dear friend .

Rounded another mountain curve to find a full rainbow.


Our first gig is at the Inspire Cafe in Medicine Hat on June 5th.

There’s time to visit friends along the way and explore.

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