Rathbone Braided Leather

Viggo & Rathbone

Viggo & Rathbone – My inspiration!

In January of 2014 I spent 3 weeks with a master Saddle Maker and Braider Bob Land at Okanagan Saddlery

outside of Vernon, BC.

Okanagan Saddlery

He taught me the art of leather braiding- something I have been fascinated with since I was very young; having grown with a father who was a horse trainer / rodeo cowboy . He too was very interested in the braiding. I remember him collecting some articles out of Western Horseman – said this was something he was planing to learn when he had more time. He would have been good at it.

Bob Land is an old cowboy, outfitter and excellent craftsman. He owned and operated Thompson Saddlery in Langley along with his wife Lila for many years. I can’t remember what year he moved up to Vernon to get out of the lower mainland madness. I thought I would have to go to the states to learn this art but lucky for me Bill found Bob Land online.

There’s another fella in Southern Alberta who’s a darn good braider -John Loree. He also sell’s Kangaroo hides which are hard to come by. Not sure but he might be teaching these days.

John Loree Rawhide Braiding

Living on the west coast I decided to concentrate on dog leashes and jewelry rather that horse tack. I made a bridle in my class also a set of romal reins.

If your interested I’m up for doing custom orders …

I made a leather handle for an old guitar case for Ben Sures



rein attachment


guitar case handle





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