New record “Konsorados waiting for a train”

Photo by Gillian Butler

Photo by Gillian Butler

New Cd arrived the other day! In the process of booking

some shows this fall.  Really happy with how it all turned out.

Had a great time with Todd and Anthony at Risque Disque Studio.

We recorded in the Lantzville Studio. They have now purchased

a property out in the Yellow Point, south of Nanaimo and have

created a wonderful recording space in an old stone building.


The photos for this project were taken by Gillian Butler, a talented

artist and photographer and dear friend.  She has always been a

huge support to our music.


Graphics & Design by Chris Dahl extraordinary Vancouver artist & musician


The painting , well, we’re so honored that Steve granted us

the privilege of using one of his paintings. Over the years I’ve

spent hours looking at his paintings online Steve Coffey

The sky, the land, washing hung on a clothesline blowing

dry in the prairie wind. All images that many of us grew up with.


Cover of our new CD Painting by Alberta artist and musician Steve Coffey

This album is dedicated to our dear friend Randy Adams who over the years

inspired us in so many ways with his views on life , his literary talents,

his creative spirit and friendship. Randy left us April 25th , 2014.

The song Lupines is from one of his prose poems.



Big Thanks to the writers that so generously

enabled us to use there songs on this album

Jean LeCheminant

Leslie Alexander

Merle Haggard

Adrienne Young & Mark Saunders

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