Danny Barnes (the main Banjo Cat in my life)

Checking Danny’s website, reading his blogs and listening to his music has been a part of my practice routine and my musical life since 2005 when I saw him live at the Music Festival in Courtney BC . He was there with Bill Fresell.
I was playing the festival in 2005 as well with Ken Hamm and was honored to be part of a banjo workshop that Danny Barnes hosted. Ken had introduced me to Danny’s Texas band “The Bad Livers” years before. An alternative bluegrass group so to be onstage with him was a  big deal in my world! It was after that I started following him online.
Danny is in one of the most generous and inspiring musicians I’ve ever come across.
Reading his blogs about how to be a back up musician, how to be an opening musician or on the subject of busking or how to make it in the music business plus stuff like listening to shortwave radio etc.
I hang on every word. Good Ol’ Danny Barnes

Pretty sure it keeps me a little sharper than I would be otherwise.

Issue # 35 of Fretboard Journal, Danny Barnes is featured and-on the cover! He had a good year in 2015 winning the Steve Martin Banjo prize ( I don’t think that’s what it’s called). That’s going to launch him into an even better 2016. Well deserved . I didn’t find a copy of the magazine so will have to order it and maybe it’s time to subscribe!


I call this photo “Star Struck” on a workshop stage with Danny Barnes at Music Fest 2005.