New Video


Painting by Steve Coffey

Title song for our new CD “Konsorados waiting for a train”


Never too old to wave at the Engineer
Line pennies up on the steel rail.
We lived between the tracks and the river.

Skippin’ church, skippin’ stones
Pretending we were hobos
Skippin’ south to meet the train

We were waiting for a train
We were waiting for a train

Walking back and forth, early morning
Heels echo on the wooden Platform
Sun’s backin’ up your silhouette

Word’s come down for Edmonton
A train’s derailed in Albreda
They’re waiting for a crew
to clean up the mess

We are waiting for a train
We are waiting for a train

Whistle blows, all aboard
feel the engine start to roll ……..

You’ve got to trust the understanding
between wheel and rail.
Between steam and locomotion

It’s every boy’s dream to ride the train